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Bear Is Best Friend! – A Cool Grizzly Bear Story

Posted on Jan 23, 2014 by in Bears, Mammals | 0 comments

Brutus, Grizzly Bear, Man's Best Friend

Bears are really cool!

Brutus the grizzly bear has a human friend-it’s true! His name is Casey Anderson. Casey’s not just Brutus’ friend, they’re best friends! When he was big enough to fit in Casey’s hand, he brought Brutus into the house. Brutus swam in Casey’s pool, ate at his table, and sprawled in front of the TV. When Brutus was to big to fit in the house, Casey built a bears park. He goes there every day. Brutus and Casey sure are friends!

Brutus even has his own Wikipedia page!
Here’s a video about Brutus and Casey:


Fun facts about grizzly bears:

  • The grizzly bear is nicknamed the silvertip and the North American brown bear.
  • The grizzly bears’ closest relatives are the European cave bear and the polar bear.
  • A female grizzly bear will attack if she thinks she or her cubs are threatened.
  • Every other year, a female will birth out 1 to 4 (usually 2) cubs that are small and weigh about 500 grams (1 lb ).
  • Grizzly bears eat salmon.


It’s time for a quiz! Ready, set, go!

What are grizzly bears nicknamed?_________

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