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Lost Parrot Gives Address! – A Cool Parrot Story

Posted on Jan 23, 2014 by in Birds, Parrots | 0 comments


Parrots are cool!

When Yosuke [YOH-soo-kay] the African gray parrot’s owner Yoshio Nakamura took him outside,Yosuke flew away. “We looked for him for 3 days, but didn’t succeed.” says Yoshio. Meanwhile, Yosuke had been found by police and taken to a veterinarian. Yosuke was shy, at first. But then he started greeting people and singing. Finally, after about 10 days, Yosuke squawked, “I’m Mr. Yosuke Nakamura”, and recited his address! Yosuke knows about 50 phrases and took about a month to learn his address. Good that he did – otherwise who knows where he’d be?

Here’s the story on Fox News:

Fun Facts About Parrots:

  • The African Grey parrot is considered one of the most intelligent birds and is said by experts to have the understanding of a six-year-old.


It’s time for a quiz! Ready, set, go!


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