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Two-Headed Snake! – A Cool Snake Story

Posted on Jan 23, 2014 by in Reptiles, Snakes | 0 comments


Snakes are really cool!

What would you call We the albino black rat snake-fortunate or unfortunate? But why ask this question? Because We is a two-headed snake, one head male and one head female. We had two eggs. The eggs were stuck close side by side. So when the eggs hatched, out came We, a two headed snake! Says a volunteer,”If those two heads saw each other, they would probably shove each other’s head and yell at each other:’ Hey, get out of my space!’ ” We died at age eight, in 2007 from natural causes.

Here’s a news story about We’s death:¬†

Fun facts about snakes:

  • Living snakes are found in every continent except Antarctica.
  • There are more than 20 different families of snakes.
  • Snakes are even found in the Pacific and Indian ocean.
  • Those who have venom use it only on prey.
  • Black rat snakes can grow to 8 1/2 ft long.


It’s time for a quiz! Ready, set, go!


What continent are snakes not found in?__________

How many different families of snakes are there? More than _____.

Which 2 oceans are snakes found in?_______ and ______ ocean

Snakes that have venom use it only on what?_______

How long can black rat snakes grow to?______

Good job with that!

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