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Dogs Save 3-Year-Old!-A Cool Dog Story

Posted on Dec 9, 2015 by in Canines, Mammals | 0 comments


Dogs are really smart!

One night, a little boy named Jaylynn Thorpe ran off into the woods. Luckily, his two puppies were with him. During the night, Dipstick and Bootsy snuggled up next to him and kept him warm.

20 hours passed. A search team came out to look for him. They had really cool equipment like a helicopter that could detect heat, and they also had dogs that knew Jaylynn’s smell. But they couldn’t find him. He hid because he didn’t know who they were. The dogs barked, so the searchers knew where Jaylynn was. Those dogs saved him, while they were only kids!

He was cold and hungry. 17 degrees is really cold to not have a blanket on!

Here’s a link to more on this story:

Here’s a Fox News link:

Fun Facts about Dogs:

  • Dogs can be as smart as 2-year-old humans.
  • Dogs can’t distinguish green, yellow, and red objects based on the color. They have only 2 color sensitive cone cells which are yellow and blue. Humans have 3 which are red, green, and blue.
  • Dogs can hear 4 times as well as humans with a normal hearing range. They can also hear high-pitched sounds-higher than human hearing can.
  • The part of a dog’s brain that sorts out smells is 40 times bigger than that part of a human’s brain. They possess 5 times as much smelling senses as humans.
  • Dogs have as much emotions as a 2-year-old human.

Luke, 18 months old, with Lakeland Terrier x Border Collie, Henry, 3 weeks old
It’s time for a quiz! Ready, set, go!

Dogs can be as smart as  _ -year-old humans.

Dogs can’t distinguish  _ _ _ _ _ ,  _ _ _ _ _ _ , and  _ _ _  objects based on the color.

Dogs can hear  _  times as well as humans.

Dogs have  _  times as many  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  senses as humans.

Dogs have as much emotions as a  _ – _ _ _ _ – _ _ _  human.

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